My earth shattering discovery about launch content (and how that discovery changed my life)

I recently discovered this and I am SO EXCITED. Are you ready?

You don’t have to create new content for all your launches.

God, am I the last one? Did you all know already? Why didn't you tell me? (Because I don't listen, yes yes)




Here’s why, incase like me you didn’t know.

When you launch something and create hype and content and ads and amazing beautiful emails and sales pages…people will react in one of three ways:

  1. They are so blown away that they will buy on the spot or after a little nudge
  2. Eager and hungry, they love you but they cannot afford you right now.
  3. Freebie hunters. They like you but they will never pay for anything (or they are competitors)

So, the first type is not your target audience for the next launch – they already bought. Obviously

The second type are already convinced – you only need to get them to act, you dont need new content.

The third category are the ones you would be creating new launch content for. This is utter madness! Why would we do this?

Then you have the absolute newcomers, who haven’t been exposed to your amazing content anyway.

So there you have it. This launch I have used about 80% of recycled launch content. You know why? No, not because I am a lazy wench. Because if it worked the first time, it will work again!

Here’s some tips to recycle without your content looking like the same old same old:

  • Change the subject lines and the opening and closing of emails
  • Present the same topics but change the webinar names
  • Change the hook on the sales page
  • Change the images on the sales page

Done and dusted! Now there’s more time for chai and chocolate. I am a winner at life, I really am.

Launch content

Launch content

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