The 5 Step Forever Cure for the Eternal Infowhore

WTH is an infowhore?

It’s you and me. It’s the person who opts in to everything.  (I myself am on 2,500 email lists so yes I know what I am talking about here)  

The problem with this is that gathering all the information and not ACTING on it will never get you anywhere.



Step 1

Test drive all the information, open one or  two emails, listen to one or two episodes and then only continue with the information which tells you something new, which excites you, which makes you think things you have never thought of before.


Step 2

Look for the quick wins. Look for the fastest thing you can implement. Not just consume, but implement. Chunk and implement.


Step 3

Don’t aim for perfection, aim for progress. If you  aim for perfect in the first round of  implementing, you are setting yourself up for failure.


Step 4

Take notes by hand! The retention is better, the excitement is better and you will take those ideas and be able to  implement it.


Step 5

Retrieval practise – at school or college you may have hated tests, but they work!. Retention without retrieval is pointless. Retrieval practice by the use of tests is what sets you up for long term success. Don’t just try and retrieve information when you need it. Practise.


So now – go and write down the takeaways from this episode by hand – retrieve it!

Go from infowhore to actionwhore


The 5 Step Forever Cure for the Eternal Infowhore

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