How They Persuade: Todd Herman

How They Persuade is not your regular interview series (What? You expect regular from me? WTF is wrong with you?)

Instead, this is a unique interview style interrogation where I drill my guests with some random scenarios and they need to tell me how they will persuade the other person in that scenario.

Today is a big day…Today I get to grill a dude
and not just any dude.

This one is an actual honest to God gentleman

One who not only runs a super mega successful business but also a super mega successful life..and I get to ask him all sorts of uncomfortable questions about some VERY juicy aspects of his life.



Todd's biggest OMG moment in business

When one of his former business partners embezzled all of the money out of the business.

Biggest FML moment

Having his then girlfriend leave him for someone more successful at the time because she didn't believe he was going to amount to much (oh sweet karma)


Biggest WTF moment

Touching down in South Africa to help all of the black managers and leaders inside of the South African government with their leadership and confidence skills,


A client makes an unwanted physical advance. How do you respond? 

I would say, I really appreciate the you know, affection or just the thought, but I'm a super happily married guy and I would be doing a terrible injustice to my two little girls if dad represented the family this way. So, you know, thanks but no thanks.

Someone buys your product, plagiarizes it and sells it as their own. How would you deal with that situation?

I would certainly get a lawyer to draft up a cease and desist. I would just lawyer up, first. Secondly, I would absolutely email that person to let them know.


You suspect that someone in your office or in your business is working against you. How do you approach the situation without causing a stir?

I would approach them and say: “Hey just wanna let you know that, a couple of different people who kind of really look up to you have come to me and let me know that you're saying some things about me behind my back. Now whether they're true or not, I don't know, because I haven't heard them myself. But I just wanna let you know that there is this perception out there that you are talking about the organization and I just wanna let you know…”


You quoted something in an article or in a speech or on a webinar and it's wrong and someone calls you out on it. How would you respond?

I'd admit I was wrong, I'm always coachable in the moment.

More about Todd


  • A husband to a beautiful, smart and financially sharp woman, who gets terribly annoyed by my penchant to try and embarrass her in public,
  • A father to two little girls, and a newborn boy. They’re all fantastic at waking up super early on weekends, giggling a lot and trying to sell us on the need for a puppy (not gonna happen in NYC),
  • A son to two phenomenal parents and brother to two brothers and a younger sister.
  • A farmboy from Schuler, Alberta, Canada. (I milked cows, took care of the chickens—which stink, rode my horse Cracker Jack and created forts out of every piece of scrap wood and machinery I could find.)
  • A daily letter writer. I’ve written over 4230 personal letters to people. (5 a week since I was 23)
  • A New Yorker.
  • A bright sock enthusiast.
  • A root beer aficionado. (I have a notebook I’ve kept since 1996)
  • A dyslexic.
  • A movie lover. (Love Actually is my favorite movie…go ahead…judge.)


  • Exceptionally good at high performance coaching/advisory. (Sorry too many people try to be modest about what they’re good at…I don’t know why. I’ve had my company for 18 years, worked at the pinnacle of sport and I have a waiting list. So that means I’m really good. And I’m not shy about it…now, if you’re exceptional at something you shouldn’t be either.)
  • Driven.
  • Tough. (I’m tough on clients because they come to me with a destination they want to get too, but they’ve never been. So I have to be. Weak people shouldn’t call, email or sign-up for anything I print, deliver or discuss.)
  • An investor.
  • An Advisor to many businesses.



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