Copy tips for scanners

5 Idiot proof tips to write copy that hooks scanners, cynics and know-it-alls

I’m here  today with a topic I know so many people struggle with – even ME! Yes really!

It’s how to structure long ass copy like sales pages and blog posts where you don’t want people to glaze over and turn into zombies, who you’d have to kill. NO NO you won’t but you know what I mean.


There are 3 types of people we need to think about:

We have Scanners: “Oh, I just scan down to the end of the page”

We have Cynics: “All blog posts are the same, anything with a lot of words is basically BS”

And we have Know It Alls: “I know what this is going to say”





Down to the tips:


I KNOW obvious, obvious. But if you just have a dull ass subhead like “What’s included”   it’s a total waste of bloody time. So please  use intriguing subheads which activates that curiosity switch. More on the switches here.

Desire building bullets

Write a bullet which makes them want your thing, not just “22 pdfs” because really – who ever wanted 22 pdfs? For more on how, click here.


FMR Showcase




Just mentioning the features is not enough to induce that hunger and desire.  So don’t just list the 22 pdfs.  Add in the “So that..” but then also give the RESULTS. This is the bit which is so often missing.

Then put it in a box, make it a graphic or something and showcase it!


Use Story Activators

When you use story activators people CANNOT ignore the story. By reading these phrases mean that the person is emotionally invested in the story.

EG – Have you ever been in a situation…now instead of YOU being in the story, THEY are in the story. Hmm. Big difference. More on those over here.


Use Teasers

A little sneak peek to something they don’t have access to.  Obviously.

Using something like “To find out x y z, turn to page 23” Now they can’t do that unless then buy the book or the pdf or wherever page 23 is. Clever, huh?

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