My Bizarre system for finding and choosing the best JV partners and affiliates

If anyone tells you there is only one single way to do a thing – RUN. Even if it's me. Especially if it's me (I might be body-snatched)

This week I am sharing MY way of finding and choosing joint venture partners and affiliates. It works for me, but this is not the bible on how to do it!



Non negotiable rule: Do not get assholes to promote you.


Most people use entirely the wrong criteria for choosing, they look only at the numbers. And numbers do not tell the whole story.


If someone has a huge list but they promote alllll the damn time, their level of goodwill is low.


Here is my criteria:

Credentials and reputation


They are going to be associated with your brand. And that will STICK. Anyone known for low quality work, or doing anything for quick buck etc. is not someone you want to be associated with.


No conflict of interest

I do NOT get why people aren’t smarter with this. If you are a business coach and you JV with another business coach, you are failing at business 101.

If you are going to collaborate with someone choose someone who is in a complimentary industry. Like you’re copy and they are design.


Brand equity alignment

Not always possible for affiliates but for a JV partner then it is essential. If your brand is crazy and whimsical and funny and in your face, don’t choose proper and corporate people to JV with. It creates a disconnect and it is damaging for both brands.


Growth potential

If you are just starting out, choose someone who is either the same level or slightly above. Don’t choose someone who has been on that level for the past 4 years. Maybe it is because they have been working on their day job, or maybe they don’t have any growth potential


The AUP test

My favourite test in the whole world! You can use this for anything. Team members, JVs, Husbands (joking. Or am I…)

Keep an eye on the person in question, if they are all nice and cordial on the outside but then with even a little bit of pressure they turn into massive stinky assholes then RUN. If they post all their whiny problems all over social media, RUN. Because you WILL face pressure and if they can’t handle it you don’t want to be stuck with that kind of assholery.


Where to find them

Your own students and clients.They already know and love you and even if they don’t have huge lists, everyone knows everyone online.


Look at the complementary industries and at the different tiers of people. Follow them around (not in a weird way, don’t be like that) and see if they would be interested.


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  1. Lena on May 24, 2017 at 9:22 am

    Hello, I just heard your podcast on mixergy and I wanted to send you an email to say that you are great (didn’t find an email so I send this as a comment). You are lovely and I also love your accent and you speak clearly better than more who have english as mother language. Keep up your great work!!

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