The Mere Exposure Effect: How to Use Psychology to Remain Top of Mind All Day Every Day


This is the one where you will find out why it is you love me. And yes you DO love me. It is all my diabolical plan. Yeah.


Ever hear the phrase “Better the devil you know”? It’s not just a phrase it is a really powerful phenomenon. It’s scientifically proven that the more we are exposed to something, the more we like it.




The science bit

Robert Zajonc, showed Chinese characters to people and asked them to assign a meaning to the characters. The more often they saw the characters, the more positive the meaning they gave it.


But there is a flip side to this and this is that over exposure to anything can actually have the opposite effect. So don’t go bananas with it.


My four tips to using without abusing

#1 Always run ads, not just when you are selling

The problem here is that you are showing up out of the blue and asking people to say YES to something without becoming a familiar face in their newsfeed. WHich is a bit insulting to their intelligence and huge missed opportunity.


#2 Frequently change up your ads

We all know that ad you see over and over again in your newsfeed – URGHH get away.  You don’t want that. So change up your ads, not every week but come on don’t be lazy.

#3 Limit the frequencey of the ad

You know that rule of seeing your brand 7 times before someone is ready to buy? No scientific basis AT ALL. Sorry.

Either limit daily exposure (you can do that in FB to just one time a day) Or limit the total exposure, you can use seven if you like, but if the person has not taken an action after that many times stop showing it!


#4 Propinquity principle

We tend to like people who look like us or speak like us or has the same values as us. So make sure that you use symbols or ideas which reflect this in your ads. Make sure you use ideas which make you relatable.


If you are doing any sort of advertising, please use these tips! Thank you so much, see you soon!



How to stay on your potential client's mind, all day!

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