How I capture, use & maximize the impact of my case studies & testimonials


Most people on the internet make these WILD claims of success without a single shred of evidence. Which is frankly weird. If that’s you, you’re weird, I’m sorry you are.

And, for once I am NOT the weird one. Here’s how I do things a bit differently.





Make friends with the screengrab method

Now from the very day that you appear online, the MOMENT that anyone says something wonderful about you (no, not like that, gutterbrain) screengrab it.

Having a testimonial with a pretty picture is great and I use those too BUT nothing says true, nothing says evidence like a screenshot.


Ask a Question

If your audience are a bit quiet, ask them a very specific question.


For example I asked my SOL group How many of you have had your first sale in SOL? Right off the bat, I got about 50 people.

Do not ask an open question, use a specific results based question.


Sharing in public

I don’t do this because I have weird psychological blocks BUT you probably don’t! If people are saying nice things in a private message (NO, still not that) then ask them to share it publicly, in your group or on their timeline and tag you. This kind of thing sticks in people’s brains.


Bribe them

Ethically! Do not be a shitmuffin!

Once people have gone through your programme offer them something in return for honest feedback. You can do it in video format, on social media or on even via email.


You must tell them though, that you don’t mind if it is a positive or negative review. Otherwise you are a shit muffin



I did a similar thing when I launched the podcast, I created an ebook and offered it to the first d100 reviews. Positive or negative – remember no shitmuffining.

Share the limelight

If you are in the limelight, it is because of your people. The reason I had such success with SOL 1.0 and 2.0 is because people trusted my system and took action. And, limelight grows with people, people


Celebrate with them

If a client shares success – celebrate with them!! Take pride in their work because they did it with your system!



Believe in yourself and show that you are invested in the success of your clients. Then once the success comes, your client will believe that your programme is part of the reason for it – which it is. And if they don’t, then they are a shit muffin.


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