10 minute summary of 1 life-changing, mind-altering book on persuasion, psychology & human brain

Made to Stick is one of my favourite books when it comes to sticky and memorable messages. This is also the book that I recommend and give as a gift the most. I love it THAT much.

The book teaches you how to craft sticky, memorable messages and how to do that even if you think your idea is lame. . You might think that some ideas are inherently sticky, I did too – but Chip and Dan share a six part framework that allows you to make even lame ideas sticky.


S – simple. Simple here means presenting an idea in an easy to understand way and to do that quickly. The best way to simplify a hard to understand idea is to use a metaphor. Or equivalence as I call it. For example “Uber for lawnmowers” conveys the idea quickly without having to go into unnecessary detail.

U – unexpected. Our brains react to disruption FAST and it also allows us to cut through the clutter FAST. And let’s be honest if you are talking in the same way that everyone is used to, it’s highly likely that you’ll be ignored. (check out Nordy Stories in the book for more on doing the unexpected in a really good way)

C- concrete. This is all about painting a mental picture. Using sensory words & phrases in your copy is how you best do this. People need to be able to clearly see in their mind what you’re describing.

C – credible. Credibility comes from 2 angles. External; such as an accreditation or endorsement or Internal; where it’s your credibility comes because you found an innovative way to solve a problem. There are some really great examples in the book of these.

E – emotions. Emotions are what drive people …always has, always will. So why is there so often more focus on the logic or the rational aspect of the product? The book has some great ideas on how to tap into emotions to get people to pay attention to your message including the need to belong to a specific group.

S – stories. we all know that stories sell but Heath brothers show us HOW to sell through stories, what kind of stories are the stickiest and why not all stories are created equal.

Even if you aren’t in business the way you present your ideas, how you craft an argument, how you communicate with your children even will CHANGE FOREVER!
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  1. Kysha Mitchell on February 1, 2017 at 9:45 pm

    This was great Bushra!

  2. Angela Foad on May 22, 2017 at 5:24 pm

    Thank you, again Bushra!

  3. Tracy Otsuka on June 10, 2017 at 10:54 pm

    Love this. Just bought the book!

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