10 biggest mistakes people make in facebook ads (and then whine that fb ads dont work)


Ok people stop the bloody whining! The reason your ads aren’t working is because you are WRONG. No PC BS here, and what is more I will tell you why you are wrong. Ooh that feels so good!






  1. You don’t let your ad do its thing

Seriously, after 2 hours? Stop freaking out. Also, if your budget is $2, FB can’t make sense of that.

So, here’s what to do: Wait for at least 48 hours, ideally 3 days or 500 clicks before you start posting for help on why your ad isn’t working


  1. Using freaking stock images

Images of women looking off into the sky, smiling like I do not know what. YUK. Stop it. You look stupid and the photos are ignorable. Also, please stop using BLUE. Facebook is blue you fool.

Use your own geniune human face, if I can do it. You can too.


  1. Sending cold traffic to your opt in ads

This is OVER. There are so many better ways to do this. Seduce people, for the love of all that is yummy get your face in their newsfeed! More on that here.


  1.  Making videos that are too fancy

This is not a billboard, this is an informal social media setting. So people want to see – SHOCK – informal videos.

Fancy videos for people who already have a following do work but if you are starting out an ugly video will work waaay better. It’s been proven. I promise. Look at how well the bloody cat videos do. And the cat is not on a fancy beach, that would be ridiculous


  1. Not using audience insight to find new relevant audiences

This will actually tell you what your people like – in REAL LIFE. So instead of assuming this and pulling it out of your ass, use real data and test it.


  1. Using lookalike audiences

Just uploading a list of subscribers is not enough! Try uploading a list of BUYERS. Or narrow it down based on other demograhics you have, 500k is about right


  1. Not using FB reporting

There’s a little known section in FB reporting and I don’t know why you aren’t using it. Check which demographic is giving you the lowest cost per conversion and send more ads to them!


  1. Not running enough ads

You have to run enough ads to choose a winner. If you only have one set, one ad and one campaign how can FB tell you which is the winner?

One campaign and ten ads and ten ad sets is how I roll. Yes, I am psycho but I am a psycho with DATA.


  1. Not choosing a winner

Run those ads, for 48 hours and then choose a winner. And kill the losers! Kill them dead and put more money into the winners. It’s not just about sitting on your ass and then whining that it doesn’t work

  1. The Copy

I’m sorry but your copy sucks. There I said it. There has to be some attention grabber, so much generic copy. Do not do it!


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