How To Get an 80% Open Rate on Every Email

At the time of writing this post, my list looks something like this:

List Size: Around 5,000
Buyer Base: 1,100 (more than 22% of my list has bought from me)

My Secret? Emails that get opened, read & acted upon.


I am sharing these secrets in this webinar. Goes live at 2 PM EST May 12th, 2015

Here’s What We Will Cover In This Webinar
20 Sensory Phrases to Use In Your Email Subject Lines (using these phrases will make it impossible for them to ignore your email
How to Make Sure They Eagerly Await Each and Every Email You Send Their Way  (5 sample copy formulas that you can swipe for your own campaigns
The First Breakup Theory of Emails (a nifty little trick to use in your email copy that will have them excited, pumped & overjoyed to read your email)
Email Persuasion Teardowns  (Live tear-down of 5 emails from some of the big names in the industry to show you things they are doing right and things they are doing that are very very wrong)

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  1. Evelyn on April 16, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    I’m listening to this and changing my emails for a challenge that I’m creating. Thank you. I’m changing subject name and emails.. Argh Bushra don’t you want to write them for me? I have 10 more to do.

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