Like a skilled, old-fashioned seducer

(think Clooney or my man Depp)

I want to woo you gradually

(no need to reach for your wallet just yet…I don’t charge for the seduction)

Step one:

Come Hither, You lovely one

I see you visit sometimes. You hang around for a bit; a look here, a glance there and then you leave… on tippy toes.

I know commitment scares you and you aren’t even sure you like me enough YET. So, let me hold your hand and show you around a bit.

Here are some of my best free things just for you…

Step Two:

Let’s Court

I really like your smile. How do you do this thing where the smile starts sloooooowly and then spreads across your whole face…all the way to your forehead?

Here’s the thing though fancy face…

That golden opportunity, that magical unicorn you have been looking for ever since you pressed play on this thing called entrepreneurship…

It will not just show up at your door one day (flowers in hand)

You have to get off (your ass), put on a warrior face and persuade the hell out of your audience.

I can help you do that.

Step Three:

Let’s go Steady (because why not?)

I like You. You Like Me. Why Wait?

Come hang out with me and my kick-ass community in 60 Second Persuasion where we discuss things like

What makes people open every single email you send them?
What makes them eagerly look forward to your name in their inbox?
What makes them devour every single word like a freshly baked chocolate chip cookies right out the oven?
What makes them do what you ask them to do at the finish line?